Mandarina Duck is back

Mandarina Duck is back-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008

I need a suitcase, Just in Case of Mandarina Duck!

I travel and need a very stylish luggage. I go to Mandarina Duck, an Italian brand that used to be very edge at the beginning of the 90’s and today they strongly come back. On my way, boulevard Beaumarchais (between République and Bastille, and near le Marais, Paris districts) I met the famous writer Amélie Nothomb. One of the few gifted writers able to make me really laugh! I choose a very feminine light color suitcase after hesitating with a red one…

Mandarina Duck is back-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008Mandarina Duck is back-4-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008

Quick fitting

at Gaspard Yurkievich press office to fill my luggage with taste. Then as I’m obsessive about details, I inspect the luggage. Surprise, inside: a bag for laptop that I’ll use like a carryall to put my camera and tech stuff, make-up, notes, my oversized sunglasses and the Louis V. city guide, finally I won’t use!

Mandarina Duck is back-5-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008Mandarina Duck is back-6-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008

The luggage’s tops 

Compact look for maximum capacity, high quality canvas and finish. Smart detail: the laptop bag can be fixed to the suitcase (top picture). And you can also put many items in the outside pockets. And the best point for me is this super useful plastic cover could look cheap but definitely not (picture below). Many passengers looked at it, they might have been jealous! One request about the damaged cover: is it possible to change it? 

Mandarina Duck is back-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008Mandarina Duck is back-7-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008

What improving?

So after dragging this suitcase from one airporte to another, tested stairs, many tarmac and macadam impacts, some nail polish on lining… I think there are really few things to improve: the handle seems to me not strong enough for a very intense frequent use and the lining of the laptop gets quickly dirty. Otherwise well done Mandarina Duck !


Bonus picture for fun : admire this lady friend fighting with her suitcase to close it, few minutes before taking a cab to the airport! What a laugh!

How to pack your luggage-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2008

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  1. Era Wilstenstein

    Next time be sure to provide a Mandarina Duck suitcase to your friend… hahhahah !!

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