The Face Hunter in Brussels

– Many of the people I picture are friends. I really enjoy this. Mixing opportunities and meetings. By chance, I take pictures: I’ve always thought by frames. My blog is a detail that gains importance in the Fashion world. I benefit to be on the right time at the right place.

Finally after many cancelled appointments in Paris and London, we meet in Brussels. The covered Grand Place. An old gallery, a coffee place like in Simenon’s novels, with green and chocolate imitation leather, stained tall ceiling, the place is a no smoking area. Perfect, I don’t smoke. Who’s this famous Face Hunter who’s created an excellent snapshots blog two years ago and today considered as a reference for the Fashion Blogosphere?


– I’m curious, I love life and I constantly want to discover new things and cheer them in a media. Having an non stop emulation. With blog, you have a permanently interaction and this pressure is really invigorating.

Prolix speed delivery, quite hard for me to write down. A cell rings, a break. Yvan grows up in Lausanne, after a Marketing school, he becomes a copy in advertising (you know slogans…) in Brussels and Paris and Geneva. He takes photos for his pleasure and writes in trendy magazines, WAD and cie…

December 2005, Yvan buys a Cybershot and snapshots faces close-up in openings, not seriously:

– Capturing what I see. You do it and it doesn’t change your life. And the easier way to show your pictures: opening a basic blog. In few months, magazines get in touch with me and I shot the New York Fashion Week for the website and the press of the U.S. GQ.

Then he starts hunting more conscientiously :

– I don’t picture clothes. I’m attracted to a chemistry: look and beauty and temper. “kidnapping”: I spot someone and I choose the right location. There is an aesthetical research: taking time to create an event. It’s funnier and there is more interesting women to picture than men. They are less interesting about their look. You have to give energy, it’s a real mirror.

A new challenge today, The Face Hunter Show produced by My Space TV:

– This show is a new step. I felt like many different things, I’ve built it in an organic way. I’m interested to create jobs: a fusion of different jobs, between art and journalism. I feel more being a multi facets addition, I am extreme, I never stop. It’s really exciting to be at the root of movements.

That’s why he lives now in London, “the city where the trends come from nowhere”. And this tall thirties guy that looks like a teen, philosopher concludes:

 – I’m happy to constantly discover and enjoy and invent and not to have any certainty. The biggest luxury: not to know what we’ll do tomorrow.

I agree. See you soon Yvan !

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