Kanye West @ Paris Men Fashion Shows

Do you know where to meet Kanye West at the beginning of summertime ? Yeah yeah the « American boy »! No idea, are you joking ? At the front row of the Paris fashion shows of course, for the Men Collection Summer 2009. Where else! Like a gentleman who cares about his look.This time, no more colorful Pierre Hardy sneakers and lovely fiancée, Kanye worn a green T-Shirt and a red Playmobile pendant. And came with a bling bling friend as photographers love. Enjoy my friends!

It’s crowed and super hot in this parking of the Marais (a great Paris district), where the show of Véronique Branquinho starts…

The first impressions of the American boy? Nicely Kanye answers me: « l like belts ».

Thanks a lot Kanye! Oh what a sexy American boy!

To watch the show, click here : Véronique Branquinho: Men Collection Summer 2009

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2 responses to “Kanye West @ Paris Men Fashion Shows

  1. En effet. C’est super une rencontre avec Kanye Weste mais, drôle d’allure tout de même.

  2. Il a pris ton numéro ?????????
    Si tu l’as touché, ne te lave plus !!!!!!!!!!!!

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