Facial Cream: “Ferox Pure Pulp” de Veld’s

August 3/08 : I think I have to add changes

to my first article about the Ferox Pure Pulp of Veld’s (the box below). Course I tested this cream! Course I really noticed what I wrote. And that’s true, I was disappointed by this “amazing” product. BUT in the main time, the founder of the Veld’s brand contacted me here in my blog (you can read the comment in the French version of this post).     

Joyce Musy wanted meeting me to present me her product and the right way to use it and understand why it didn’t work with me. I agree to meet her and then we had a fascinating chat about the components of the product and their effects on skin (in coming up post). As soon as she saw me, she explained me why the cream didn’t work on me: my skin is too young to need to be plumped. And the small nagging pain was normal, it’s the firming effect. Ferox Pure Pulp is a cream for “mature” skin, starting from forties to…

Joyce was really surprised that the seller didn’t recommend me another product in the brand, more concerning with my skin, like the Roïbos Flash Repair. I haven’t test it yet, but BE PATIENT! And I will let you know of course! I want to precise: I am not paid by Veld’s for my comments! I’m free and I have to be honest with you: I think this is high quality product. It didn’t work on me, cause it wasn’t for my skin and age.

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3 responses to “Facial Cream: “Ferox Pure Pulp” de Veld’s

  1. mademoisellelek

    Here the website dear Imelda: http://www.velds.com
    Enjoy the beauty “flash”!

  2. thanks for the review is it available outside Paree?

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