Julie Bernardin, the Parisian girlfriend of Batman

– I love speed, I’m not politically correct ! I am quick and I only work in the rush.

Julie Bernardin is a radioactive frenetic jewels designer and extremely good with her hands. She studied at Esmod and Studio Berçot where: “Everything I did was terribly bad!”. And became a collection coordinator at Isabel Canovas and a specialist of the XVIII century items and furniture: “pretty cosmic!”… And a Spiderman’s buddy who’s created her trade “to make gifts” three years ago: 4 Me.

– A jewel is a way to express yourself. People easily adapt, one season and you throw them. I think I have fun, but I don’t really have talent.


I disagree: for months, years, two years! For two years I’ve looked for the shop of Super Julie, further to a never-ending brunch at Hotel Murano with The Human Torch. While we nonchalantly walked: I saw it! A kind of “Honey I shrunk Batman” miniature with strass and chains, like a jewel for bags with hype bling charm! I love it! The Human Torch wants to give it to me, I can’t make up my mind: Tiny-Bat is too big for my imaginativeness threshold. Ellipse, after a while and the absolute certain I want the Batman jewel, “the object of desire” says Super Julie. Once again: after the Sunday brunch ritual in front of the Murano superstars fire place and endless white leather sofa, with this time a human friend, I look for the shop in rue de Turenne. Nothing! The shop disappeared. That’s it! With my jewel! Joker for sure! Two years later, Super Julie comes out again on Iqons. Now the shop has a black box frontage and my X-Men intuition won’t make any mistake again. So what? Even superheroes make a mistake! Seldom!

– I love charms, I put them everywhere! Thanks to Vanessa Zochetti (a elle.fr journalist), I also put them on chains. I really like working with chains. I buy small thingamajigs everywhere, lots in the States, in shops of cooking, cakes tins. Many stuffs from the 50-70’s.

My mega bionic eye examines the glam Barbie’s red superb curls dressed in vintage cowgirl, with a denim tiny short and colourful Mexican boots on a shelf. “Inspector Harry” flashes, in the Vegas 70’s. On another shelf, some Spanish”something”: Super Julie likes kitsch things she transforms into collectors. The 40-50’s jewels she antiques in the US and then “put back together again” to make her own jewels.

– I  love Rita Hayworth, Fred Astair, Capra… 50’s massive influence. I’m very conceptual. I like when it’s representative and something happens: telling a story, like in a Crazy Horse act. All samples have a name. Small dogs are in “My Best Friends”, cause they are here when we need them

Among the first persons to have a look at her jewels, guess who ? Two great members of the Marverick private club: Gaspard Yurkievich (again and again, I know!)  and André who sells them in his Black Block shop at the Palais de Tokyo.

I think there are people with an eye and others not. I grew up in the cult of what was beautiful and good, the Crazy Horse basis principles: it had to fix it! Detail is very important.

Yes, a detail, Super Julie is the grand daughter of Alain Bernardin, the Crazy Horse’s creator.

 – Really hard to be yourself ! I am very shy: I listen too much, I need to be relieved. We are in the rat year, a very important year for me! I’m not zen at all!

A big laugh ! No problem, I am not either and I could ask for help Master Carradine for an intensive coaching! I shake off Joker, now we can leave our super powers:

– I love music, I’ve always gone to concerts. I am a mad keen of Fleetwood Mac, Prince, « Sympathy for the Devil » of the Stones… and seventies. I would like to work in music. Many DJs and rappers like my jewels.  I sell a lot to celebs: Rolling Stones, Guetta, Audrey Tautou, Olivier Assayag…

Her handmade jewels, four to ten samples by models, are sold in Paris at Bon Marché that “loves them”  (with an exclusive design, for this winter), Galeries Lafayettes (at the fashion designers corner, last summer) and in thirty shops, mostly concept stores (oups!) around the world: Great Bretain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Taïwan, New York and Chicago, by Jeff Mills, yeah the DJ…

Tribute to my blog-trotter attitude : Super Julie, what about travelling?

– When I travel, I’m always sick. The white plastic bed in Seychelles: No way! I love Caribbean, I feel home, the States, Italy and still not Japan.

My mega bionic eye noticed the love of the Wild Wild West, home sweet home Arizona:

– I was born in L.A. And I’m crazy about hardline stuff, Indian natives, Navarros and Tony Hillerman (one of my favourite writers too). I love desert, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas where you can find the best antique dealers… the Ceasar Palace’s lamps. And near Vegas, I recharge my batteries in an Indian reservation. I’ve loved Kauai (Hawaii) for the Yankee atmosphere at the very end of the world: many vintage things.

And what about Paris as the international Marverick’s ultimate trend?

– I am a real Parisian woman. Everything I like, doesn’t exist anymore.  Paris is not a night city anymore, there isn’t any night bakery either! I hardly accept things change. I like things last. And I love eating.

The exclusive adresses of Julie :

– A « Burger and Château Carbonieux » diner at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe:

– Seafood at the « totally absurd funny old-word » Océan Paris Bar: 5, Place Parmentier, 92200 Neuilly-Sur-Seine  –  Tel : 01 47 22 92 05

A brasserie, Le Stella: 133 avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris  –  Tel : 01 56 90 56 00

– And place de l’Alma, the Monceau Park, the17th Arrondissement .

Joker resurfaced and I – don’t want – but I have to get back in supersonic mode. And the meeting is ending:

– It’s a short time, like a Polaroid. My grandfather used to take many Polaroid pictures. What a great pleasure when people enjoy what you do! It means they are like me… they want to be different. You need your eye to be happy! And what brings me the funniest feeling: creating! And I love design unique sample for wedding headgears.

I agree readjusting my (very discrete) golden domino, sheathed in my black leather second skin with my glittler sneakers, freshly laced up with my strass and chains jewels 4Me. Very stylish, I’m flying to save the world in Krytonik speed! Warning! Let me introduce myself : I am the last generation of super heroes, an efficiency exotic melting of Batman, Spiderman and X-men, family business. See you Super Top Julie!



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