BWing from Hong Kong baby!

– Drawing is my necessity. I need to draw all the night. I think it’s all about myself.

An orange and white design café in the trendy side of Wan Chai, near Agnès b gallery: yeah we are in Hong Kong baby!

– Agnès b is really really smart. She put my work in her different galleries in Asia: Hong Kong, Taïwan, Japan. All exhibitions, with different works, till 2005.

Sat in front of me, a bit suspicious first, a penetrating black look without any concession: Bwing, the hong kongese enigmatic artist, a super talented graphic designer and photographer. « Almost famous » as she says. Her first book was a best seller. Great archievement in Hong Kong!

– I need to clear up my mind. I went to lay down the beach looking at the sky. Everything from the sky is amazing.

I agree. I look up at the incredible blue sky, with a great brightness, the L.A. kind of light when it’s not foggy. Here with a forest of several seventies towers in the foreground. I religiously listen to Bwing: she doesn’t like speaking, that’s why she draws. Logical.

– I like the sound of the silence. There are too many stuff and noise. Hong Kong is a pressure: too small place, not easy to live.

Now I’m listing to her silence.

– I live under pressure all the time.

I leaf through the precious small book (postcard sized) of her draws for children. The line is black and nervous, with colour stains. The universe is quite dark, with a special sense of humour. I really like it. Modern and timeless. I’m asking her if it’s not a beat too hard for children?

 – I love children. My draws are like a stimulation for children.

Sweeping gesture and bubbly eyes, she lights up explaining her small characters: 

– One day it happens. I got schizophrenic. Always two of myself cheasing around the three. I think I need a doctor! (laugh). Most of the problem is the Hong Kong people take themselves seriously and I express it in my draws.

Studies of Fine Arts in England, where she learns French. Logical. About Paris:

– I don’t like the crap on the street.

A caustic sense of humour, so Paris: BWing doesn’t like many things. Dot. The title of her book: “If you don’t want to be perfect, you’ve come to the right place” sounds like a motto. Great! Back to Hong Kong in 96, as a graphic designer. In 2002, she gets in touch with the Hong Kong Agnès b’s gallery. And six months later, she receives an affirmative answer. Funny from the beginning of the meeting, I’ve found her a chic minimalist style, timeless like in her draws. And guess what? She also worked in fashion. I have one stupid question, I’ve recognised the same shirt I wore in high school :

– Are you wearing Agnès b ?

 Thanks K to make it happens!




2 responses to “BWing from Hong Kong baby!

  1. I heard of b.wing via IdN–but could find little about her — both you and she sound amazing –I’m envious – I can only image the wonder noise and sometimes ordinariness of the nights and days of hong kong–be well and continue a life of creating

  2. Dear Mademoiselle Le K,

    what can i say? i am a painter, i am very fond of banana. (not so sure if the banana fond of the painter…..)

    I now am working on my exhibition -”twinkle, twinkle little star”, it will be kicked off at the end of this month.

    what an interview! thanks for everything
    la b”

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