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“Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side”* of the West Queen West: the centre of the independent culture of Toronto.I luv everything with queen: west “queen” west sounds awesome! So now you enjoy The Drake Hotel, good taste. Let’s go for a walk in this art and design district. Let’s shop funny bling bling something like… mmm… Many choice, let’s start with shoes at the Eel Boy (682 Queen St W.). Recommended by the stylish receptionist of the Drake. The one that loved my perfume: do you remember?

For adults only (“explicit lyrics”), getting hotter and hotter at Ms Behav’N: fetish lingerie! No address, you’ll find it anyway! Between us, I can’t seriously imagine my dearest fiancé in this bright purple string… moving in a lap dancing way, on one house table! This shop reminds me this excellent movie: “Exotica” of the great  independent filmmaker, Atom Egoyan. Now you’ve got the sexiest panties, you need discrete macadam cowboy boots with a black Stetson, Sue Helen! Hey bunny girl, let’s give them the next trend!.

Right here my dears, we’ll find the great “next “ 70’s design sit in Morba (665 Queen St W.)! Wake-up ! Let’s stop at the Art Photo Studio… for a perfect cute portrait. Oh! No! It’s closed! I want one of those old school pictures in the window! Ab fab, real art! Dear owner, we’re so sorry that you closed! Come back soon! Anytime you want!

Wow arty Barbies in this art gallery, cool! But what’s the difference with regular Barbies? You’re right they all look the same, except those are just naked and messy and have red and purple hair… arty baby, I guess! Tribute to the bloggers that love vintage “prehistoric” types… So, once upon a time: Gutenberg ! Oh a tree in a wood sit! Funny in Canada, I love the concept! Do they deliver it with the mythical canadian lumberjack?

Now remember Sue Helen, we bought Playboy girl accessories (panties, killa boots) and found “The” Canadian lumberjack, we miss chic crash helmet for biking to woods in Harley! What a great gift, a kind of cool futuristic minimalist pillow-teddy bear, I call “sleeping mate”: red or white?

Hungry? English tea at the Red Tea Box (742 Queen St W.) :  freaky cakes in the widow! So frightening! Let’s go knitting to relax in the charming Knit Café (1050 Queen St W.)! You don’t know knitting? No problem, watch and practise. So many nice galleries, shops, coffees, bars and so and so… I gave you samples. And guess what: the best thing, go to the wild wild West Queen West and check it out! And don’t forget to sent me your best locations, with picture and address or website, I can figure out. 

Sorry guys, I have to hurry up: a Slam session at the Drake! See you there! For more info about the West Queen West : 

* Lou Reed  

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  1. Merci mademoiselle L e K pour cette visite ultra hype de Toronto 😉 j’ai vraiment envie de decouvrir le Drake et ses alentours maintenant ! A quand un billet sur Los Angeles ???

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