My 2007 it hotel

“Maybe you can drive my car, yes I’m gonna be a star!”: sometimes I wear my glam rock outfit : Mr Cab driver ! I go to the wild side of Toronto. I get in the Starsky and Hutch movies entrance of The Drake Hotel and I meet Back in the hall, after ended my photo shoot in the 70’s photo booth. While they take my luggage, I ask for: room… There are too much stars here: I need some fresh air, I live the cycle for Beck and I get in a black Mercedes sports car.

Warm and not pretentious creative vintage design, exactly the opposite of trendy “wannabe” spots: eight small rooms, bars, concert theatre, restaurants, a sky yard like in Formentera baby! Two hours later, including a photo exhibition at the Modern Art Museum, some new friends (Toronto is a friendly city) and a 15 minutes chat about high eels stiletto with the very stylish receptionist that loves my perfume. Me too. I go in my room: on several white pillows, my sleep mate, a sort of a green weird teddy bear that looks like a big 80’s Burlington sock, designed by a unknown artist, ready to buy if I want, cause I deserve it!   


I flick through the computer flat screen, the exclusive Drake TV, the DVD and the CD player: I choice Dandy Warhols “A Bohemian Like You”. And I collapse with my Wayfarer on the last underground best seller book, warmly recommended by the Drake team: thanks guys! A fine  magazines selection and some yoga lessons for my precious person! Here I really do love me!

The phone rings, I get out from the glass shower cube, where I can see my queen size bed and all my cosy tiny room. I put on a Hedi Slimane black suit, with grunge accessorises – tribute to Seattle. I check myself in mirrors once more and cheese super bright in a “Nice People” way as the children cartoons, in the lounge downstairs. They wait for me in the restaurant with the big flat screen, fortunately not for a private projection! I have to hurry up, if I want to discover a bit more of Toronto and this arty area, with many galleries, funny shops… I get in the black sportscar, my “it “ bag first.

I come back late and there is a great atmosphere on at the Ibiza sky yard, I love the music! The night crowd and a 50’s years old transgender coming from Almodovar movies, enjoy the nice vibe in Pokahontas shoes. It’s cool and noisy, my hand strikes the wallpaper and slowly I walk in the narrow corridor that could be a set for a CD cover shoot. Action! Beck again, what a coincidence: a smile of complicity! At the dawn, incognito I roll in my bed: finally I close my eyes, plenty satisfied of a so sexy day in a so sexy hotel, proud to be with me-myself-and-I, a so sexy girl! Yeah boy you can drive my car, I’m a rock star baby! Mmm next time, I could be a movie star, couldn’t I ? 

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  1. je dirai pour moi que M.H est le prémier!

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